Inky Gorilla


I'm Lewis and I am an independent digital creator.

I'm a trained social worker and family therapist, but after years of building my passion for digital drawing, i've become a full time digital creator and I throw myself into the world of print design on a daily basis.
My Etsy store opened in 2015 as a creative outlet in a stressful time and turns out, I loved it! 

Since 2015 I've continued to learn, develop and experiment with my style and am proud to say that every one of my prints is unique, original and can only be found in two places. Here and or my Etsy store. 


About my Prints:

  • Currently all of my prints come unframed. I plan to include the option to purchase framed prints in the near future.

  • All of my work is original and unique, which you will only find in my personal website or on my Etsy store. 

  • All prints have a satin finish and a sticker on the back with my logo, just to remind you where you purchased it from! 

  • A4 prints are dispatched in a Large letter cardboard backed envelope. A3 prints are packaged in postal tubes. 

  • Tracking is not included as standard on orders in an effort to keep costs down.